Picotte Elementary

Picotte Elementary
14506 Ohio Street
Omaha, NE 68116

Phone: (531) 299-1920
Main Fax: (531) 299-1939

Nurse Fax: (531) 299-1938
Counselor Fax: (531) 299-1938
Psychologist Fax: (531) 299-1938







Welcome to Picotte Elementary's Website!

Picotte Elementary School, located at 14506 Ohio Street, first opened in the Fall of 1992 in a rental building at 1312 Robertson Drive. Students and staff were then moved to its current facility on March 25, 1993. Picotte Elementary houses approximately 450 students in pre-kindergarten through grade four. All students and staff focus daily on the school's reading, writing and mathematics goals. By working cooperatively with the community, parents and neighboring schools, the students at Picotte Elementary are provided an educational experience that is both supportive and challenging.