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As long as children are in elementary school we will be teaching them their academics.  Equally important to academia is helping them to develop quality character. As students, we want them to grow into compassionate, trustworthy, hard working adults.  But, how do they get there?

40 Developmental Assets

The 40 Developmental Assets are divided into EXTERNAL and INTERNAL assets.  External include all of the things that might help a child grow from the outside or extrinsically, such as family, neighborhoods, teachers, education, sports.  Internal include what can only come from the individual, or intrinsically such as, self-esteem, integrity, trustworthiness, compassion.

The good news, is that many of the external assets can help to build and model traits that grow the internal attributes we want to see in our rising stars. See here for information on the 40 Developmental Assets.

Pillars of Character