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Welcome to Third Grade!  My name is Trisha Urbanek.  This is my fifteenth year of teaching.  I have been a third grade teacher at Picotte for my entire teaching career.  There are a couple ways for you to reach me.  One of them is via e-mail at  I check this daily and would like you to e-mail me with any comments or concerns as they arise during the year.  This seems to be more convenient for all involved, but you are still welcome to call (496-8401) if that works better.  I believe in open communication and hope that you will inform me immediately if there are any concerns so that we can handle them quickly and appropriately. 

 Parent Portal


A teacher-parent communication component is the opportunity for parents to view their child's progress via a parent portal through Infinite Campus.  Some of you have his/her username and password from last year.  Anyone needing an application, please let me know and I will get one for you.  All you need to do is fill it out and submit it back and then you will be given a username and password in approximately 4-6 weeks.



 Other information:

School Hours~  Students are allowed in the building at 8:55.  They can enter the cafeteria for breakfast beginning at 8:30.  At the beginning of the school-year, third graders will line up at the gate of the primary playground.    Once it snows, we will begin entering and exiting the building through the main doors.  A note will be sent home when we know the date of this change.  School is dismissed at 3:55.  We will dismiss out the same gated area (or the main doors). 

Behavior Expectations~ School, class and playground rules are posted and will be reviewed with the students when school starts.  They also need to be reviewed at home by reading the handbook.  All rules need to be followed at all times in order to ensure a safe learning environment for all students. 

Each student will start with a clean slate each day.  The first time a teacher has to talk to  a child about their behavior, they will be asked to give a Pinto.  The same thing will happen the second time and the third and the fourth.

The first change is simply a warning.  The second Pinto taken is a time out in another third grade classroom.  The child will fill out a behavior sheet and return to class.  This sheet will be sent home with the child and need to be signed by an adult.  The third Pinto taken will result in a visit to the Positive Action Center to discuss their behavior.  If the fourth Pinto is taken from your child, they will be sent to Mrs. McCown or Mrs. Larsen and someone from the school will be in contact with you regarding your child's behavior. 

Assignment Books~ Students will fill out assignment books each day.  They will be keeping track of what we did in each subject area and whether they have homework or not.  Looking in the assignment book is a good way to learn what we are doing in the classroom.  If your child is not filling out their assignment books, they should be.  Please contact me if this is the case with your child.  I like to have them keep track of what we are doing each day.  The assignment book can also be used to communicate other concerns, that you may have, with me. 

Students should ALWAYS have a book to read in their desk.  Students will have the opportunity to silent read each day at school.  I have books available for them and they are allowed to check out books from the library.  They may also bring in books from home to keep at their seats. 

Specials~   Please be sure your child has tennis shoes to wear on P.E. days, and Art shirts for Art class (they may keep these in their lockers).  Library books can be returned daily.  Students will be allowed to go to the library to check out books as often as they return them.

Our Specials~Cycle Days and Times

PE Days 1 and 6 12:50-1:35

Counseling Days 2 and 7 12:50-1:20 

Library Computer Lab Days 2 and 7 3:05-3:50

Music Days 3 and 8 2:20-3:05

Art 4 and 9 12:50-1:35

Library Days 5 and 10 12:50-1:35

LUNCH/RECESS 12:00-12:30


Birthdays~ We ask that no food item be brought for birthdays.  You are welcome to bring a non edible item to share if you choose.    
Field Trips~ We will try to schedule two field trips this year.  We are unsure, as of now, where we are going to go. 

Work sent home due to illness~ If your child is absent due to an illness, a sibling or parent can pick up their work after school.  Please call or e-mail me if you would like to do this so that I can have it ready.  If this is not possible, they may get the missed assignments upon returning.  Assignments are due two days after their return. 

If your child is absent, please be sure to contact the school as soon as possible.  You may call anytime after 8:00 A.M. at 496-8401 to report the absence. 


Please check the reminders section of this website for important information throughout the school year.

I am looking forward to a GREAT year!