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This webpage was created to help keep parents and students informed about our classroom. Please check back often for class updates and special projects we will be working on.

All About Me 

    This is my 13th year of teaching for OPS! I received my teaching degree from UNO with an endorsement in Early Childhood Education. I also have my Master's Degree in Reading from UNO. My first three years of teaching were spent in a second grade classroom at Conestoga Elementary. At the end of my third year I found out I was being moved to Picotte and to the FOURTH GRADE!!!! I was soooooo nervous to be teaching an intermediate grade. I thought "those big kids" were going to be so scary! My fears were quickly wiped away and I immediately fell in love with "those big kids" and could not see myself ever teaching any other grade level!!!

     I have two, beautiful daughters Amanda and Abbey. Amanda is ten years old, loves to dance and sing, and is currently in the fifth grade at Buffett. I can't believe she is in middle school!!! She is the jokester of the family and loves to make us laugh and keep us on our toes. She has started Team competition at dance this year and is very excited. Abbey is six and is in first grade, at Picotte. She is very excited to be at mommy's school and not have to share it anymore with her big sister!!!!.  She loves ANYTHING to do with the color pink, sparkels, or princesses. She is in charge of our happily ever afters and making sure we check all of our apples before eating them for magic spells.
I  am having a very hard time adjusting to a middle school and first grade as it means both my babies are growing up..sniffle, sniffle :)

Besides teaching and spending time with my family, I also enjoy:

1. Reading! I love Harry Potter (yes I bawled my eyes out after finishing the series), Series of Unfortunate Events (unfortunately I have to admit Count Olaf is my favorite character) and Eragon. My new absolute favorite book is Twilight..I know they hype and I was a HUGE skeptic until a parent last year convinced me to read it and all I have to saw is WOW.

2. Singing! Though I am not the next American Idol, far from it, but my IPOD doesn't seem to mind.

3. Shopping! If there is a shoe store or a sale, bet on it that I will be there.

4. Traveling! This summer I took it easy and just stayed around Omaha, but we are planning a family vacation to Disney World very soon!!!

5. Collecting! A little secret between us...I collect shoes. I also love this webpage and my classroom might show you!!

This school year promises to be a very exciting and rewarding one. I look forward to working with you and your child. If you need to contact me please feel free to email me at or call me at 496-8401.







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Make sure you have everything you need before you set sail. Do you have a pencil and a copy of Wheeler's Treasure Map? Make sure you sign the map or you'll walk the plank!

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Parent's Corner

Just For Parents

Parents often have the same concerns about their children. Please visit the Parent's Corner for some help with your concerns/questions. There are some really helpful articles on Your Fourth Grader, Homework, Organization, and of course Reading and Writing!!!!!