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1st Grade Curriculum


We cover five reading books throughout the year.  The stories focus on various phonics skills and vocabulary words.  Grammar skills are also focused on each week.  Some of the grammar skills are nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. We also will have guided reading throughout the year.  This is when your child will join a small group to read with the teacher on his/her instructional reading level.  Students will work through what is called, The Daily Five.  This is where the students read to themselves, read to a partner, work on writing, listen to reading, and work on spelling/word work.

First Grade Content Standards for Reading

101  Orally segment and blend words.

102  Use letter sound relationships and common word patterns to recognize words.

103  Read grade level material fluently.

104  Read high frequency words.

105  Use a variety of strategies to develop vocabulary.

106  Read and comprehend fiction and non fiction.

107  Summarize a story using literary elements (characters, setting, problem, and solution).

108  Self select and read non fiction materials.

109  Write key elements of a story (beginning, middle, end).

110  Use the writing process (pre-write, write, revise/edit, rewrite, and publish).

111  Write legibly using standard manuscript letter formation.

112  Speak in clear coherent sentences using English.

113  Gain information and complete tasks through listening.

114  Explore likenesses and differences of various cultures and customs.


We will do a lot of writing in class this year. One way we will keep track of our writing is in a notebook when we journal.  We will also do writing projects as well as class books.

First Grade Content Standards for Writin


We use some lessons of a spelling series called Sitton Spelling as well as our spelling/phonics lessons from our reading series. The students will bring home a word list on Monday for a test each Friday. They will work on using words in context as well.  If they are misspelling certain words in their writing, they will bring those words home to practice as well. 

First Grade Content Standards for Spelling


Our Math series is called Go Math.  There are many chapters that focus on addition and subtraction.  We also study time, money, shapes, graphing, and much more. Each chapter lasts a couple weeks. 

First Grade Content Standards for Math

101  Communicate the meaning of numbers 1-100.

102  Identify fractional parts (1/2, 1/3, 1/4).

103  Solve one-digit addition and subtraction problems.

104  Estimate and compare solutions to mathematical problems.

105  Measure and compare objects using both standard and nonstandard units.

106  Demonstrate knowledge of time and money.

107  Identify, describe, draw, and recognize geometric shapes in the environment.

108  Organize and interpret data using a variety of graphs and charts.

109  Classify objects and create and record patterns.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies series is called, All Together by Scott Foresman.  It covers school, families, communities, jobs, and map and globe skills.

First Grade Content Standards for Social Studies

101  Identify the elements of families and culture.

102  Demonstrate awareness of current events, globes and simple maps, and rural and urban communities.        

103  Describe how making choices allow people to satisfy basic needs and wants.

104  Participates as a team member, accept responsibility for actions, and follow school rules.


Our Science series is from Pearson Science.  We study how to be a scientist; earth materials ; solids, liquids, and gases; as well as living/nonliving things. 

Content Standards for Science

101  Examine problems using scientific inquiry.

102  Integrate unifying concepts and processes in science experiments.

103  Observe and describe physical properties of materials.

104  Investigate and describe characteristics of living things.

105  Recognize and classify earth materials.