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    In Mrs. Haun's second grade classroom, instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of all students.  We follow the OPS Instructional Standards for this grade level.  Reading, math, grammar, handwriting, science and social studies are daily subjects.  Each day we also do 'Opening' where we talk about the calendar, numbers, weather, seasons and the daily news.  

    Our room has a series of six 'special event' books that each student can take home as needed throughout the year.  The student becomes the author and illustrator for a page about their special event.  The titles of these books are:  The Birthday Book, The Lost Tooth Book, The Ouch Book, The Haircut Book, The Weekend Pal Book, and The New Shoe Book.  We often have a waiting list for students to take these books home so they can write about their experiences.   All the students are authors.   When they publish a story, students can sign up for 'Writer's Bench' to read their work to the class. 

     We create our own 'television network'.  So far we have three shows.  One is called 'Animal Classroom' and the second is named 'Plants Alive!'.   The students love creating their very own episodes for each show.  We also have a game show called 'What's the Matter'.  It is a science quiz show and we invite celebrity guest hosts.