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At the beginning of each week, your child will have a homework folder to be worked on throughout the week. Your child should return this folder on Fridays of each week.  

To be completed for reading

1)  Practice vocabulary words (weekly words can be found on this website under READING), or I will send their notebook containing words and definitions on Wednesdays.  

2)  Read the story for the week to someone (your child can bring home a reading book or you can find the story on Think Central.  Students have a password, just let me know if you need it again).

To be completed for math:

1) BEDTIME MATH at least three times per week (sign the log)  Please send the notebook with the signed log on the last student day of the month so I can keep track of how often students are completing their BEDTIME MATH problems.

OPTIONAL: Students can bring in their notebooks on Wednesday of each week to share how they solved one of the problems.

To be completed for spelling:

There will be a Take Home Task for your child to complete with you that goes through a skill we are working for the week.  We will be testing over the skill on Thursdays, so try to review the skill from the Take Home Task before Thursdays.

I will write words on the inside of your child's homework folder that they have missed on the Cloze story word tests and in their everyday writing.  They should practice these words. There will not be a formal test on the words but they are words your child should know how to spell.  Please quiz your child regularly over these words.  Once they are consistently spelling the words correctly, it will be removed from their list. 

To be completed for writing

Please write to your child over the weekend in their writing portfolio that will come home at the end of the week.  In this notebook, you should respond to your child's letter to you and ask them a few questions to guide their writing to you.  Their writing will be completed in class and sent with them at the end of the week.  

Check assignment books daily, there may be an assignment beyond the homework folder.

Lunch menus are sent home every two weeks or you can check the OPS website

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8/30 Curriculum Night