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Science (MacMillan/McGraw-Hill)
Some of the topics we will cover for science include: forms of energy, sound, light, life cycle of plants and animals, and earth surfaces.  We will explore these concepts through experiments, discussions, and the third grade science text.  



Social Studies (Harcourt)
This year's focus will be "People and Communities".  There are 6 units including:  Learning about Communities,  Citizenship and Government, Communities are Everywhere,  Many Kinds of People, Communties Over Time, and People Working in the Community.  The history of Omaha will also be taught in conjuction with this series.

Fourth quarter, I will implement a program called Mini-Society.  The students will be given the opportunity to be a part of a community in our class.  Students will also be encouraged to be entrepreneurs in order to make "money" to experience real world situations.  There will be an informational letter sent home, that better explains this program, closer to implementation.