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Spelling (Sitton Spelling Program)
The Sitton philosophy is that words are not mastered until they are spelled correctly in everyday writing.  Many students can memorize words for a "Friday test" but if there is no transfer to student writing, they don't retain how to spell the words.  This program emphasizes the learning of important words, not for a Friday test, but for a lifetime of spelling in the real world.

Within the Sitton program, there are two types of word lists:  "Priority Words" and "Core Words."  The words your child will be expected to spell correctly all the time, to meet the minimum requirement for spelling in everyday writing, are called priority words.  The core words come from a list of words that are introduced in third grade. 

Each child will have a personal list of of words from the core list that s/he has not mastered.    Students could possibly add words to this list at the beginning of each unit after the "word preview", from misspelled words during dictation, and/or from the "close story" test at the end of the unit.

As the student becomes a successful speller, s/he can also take words off her/his personal word list as they are spelled correctly three times within their daily work.  Your child will be allowed to bring her/his spelling list home so your child can make a "home"copy of the personal word list.  Please help your child study these words every other day or so to master them.

Each unit consists of:  concepts and strategies such as spelling rules, phonics, and word patterns; classroom assignments to practice spelling skills in context; visual skills, such as proofreading; random checks to classroom assignments to see that words from both lists are being spelled correctly, skill building "take home tasks" which are tasks that complement the skills we're working on at school for child and adult to complete together, and"cloze story" and "sentence dictation" tests that are given at the conclusion of the  unit.

For the "cloze story" test, students will listen to a passage read by the teacher and fill in the missong words in the story.  In the "sentence dictation" test, the teacher will read four sentences while the students attempt to write the sentences correctly, inclusing punctuation.  The words used for both types of tests come form the "core word" and "priority word" lists.


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 Priority Words vs. Core Words ~according to Rebecca Sitton


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