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Picotte's Turkey Relocation Center

    Our center is devoted to giving all turkeys a chance at a safe turkey free holiday season. Turkeys who fear for their lives, can come to our center and are paired up with one of our professionally trained Turkey Disguisers (who  are commonly referred to as TD'S). For three weeks our TD'S work on creating the perfect disguise for their assigned turkey. During this time the turkey stays with the TD in their home and is transformed into their new identity. Upon completion of the disguise the TD completes all paperwork that is needed to authenticate the turkey's new identity. 

    The turkeys are then required to practice their new found identities by being on display in our hallways for all to see. The TD then releases the turkey back into the wild, where they live a happy and safe life. To date our center boasts a 100% turkey survival rate. If you know of a turkey in need of our services please contact Picotte Elementary, Care of the Fourth Grade, otherwise take a moment to view our newest members of the relocation program. To see all 107 new members, please come up and peruse our hallway!!!!!!!!!