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Poetry, Books and Journals

     Writing is sooooooo important in fourth grade. We work on preparing students for the Six Trait Writing Test in February. This test is on writing a personal narrative. The students are given a prompt and then have two 40 minute session in order to plan, write their rough draft, edit/proofread their story, and then re-write a final copy. It sounds hard, and honestly it can be!!! We will be practicing this from the beginning of the school year right up to the week of the test so that each child can be successful and feel confident in their ability to take the test. You can help, make sure you are asking your child what they are writing about, maybe brainstorm a list of things they have done in their life that will fit this week's prompt, and finally have them show you their rough drafts. We will be saving their final copies to create a writing portfolio for them to have at the end of the year!

     We will also be writing creatively, working on poetry and publishing some of our stories in our publishing center. By the end of the year I hope writing will be one of their favorite things to do!!!!!

Language Arts



Sound Effects (Onomatopoeia) -(Describes the sounds heard by the main character)

Ex: "Boom! Boom! Ka-Boom! My brother thundered down the stairs."

Begin with Dialogue -(Conversation between two of the main characters)

Ex: "I can't wait for summer," shouted my best friend Shelly!

Hyperbole (Comparing two things that are not alike)

Ex: The pumpkin was as big as a shool bus!

Start with a Question (Begin by asking your reader a question)

Ex: Have you ever been afraid to fly? Well I was!



A Memorable Ending-

Ex: I'll always remember the day I fell down the stairs.

The Main Character's Feelings-

Ex: I was so happy to see my dog again after that frustrating day when I lost her in the dark, gloomy forest.

The Main Character's Hopes/Wishes-

Ex: I hope I never have to look for a lost dog again. It was a sad day I will always remember.

A Decision or Defining Action-

Ex: I will never again take my eyes off my parents at Walmart because I was so afraid that day I got lost.

Click on a trait below and get a check list for the editing and revising stage.







brainstorming, getting ideas onto paper, graphic organizer (4 square, word web)


use graphic organizer to create rough draft, form paragraphs

Revising and Editing

polish draft using traits, conventions check-up, use colorful writing


change rough draft into a publishable copy, double check final draft, create title, practice reading aloud


share published copy, compliment and critique, portfolios