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Scientific Method and Rocks and Minerals!

We just go done taking our quiz over the scientific method. Ask your child about what happened to the egg in the vinegar or the soda and the labels experiment...we have been having a lot of fun!!!


 In Science, we will be starting our Rocks and Minerals unit. We will be doing various hands-on lessons trying to identify minerals using luster, hardness, color, and streak . If students find any interesting articles about Rocks or Minerals or have any at home that they would like to share, please bring them to school.

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Take a look at these awesome Rocks and Mineral websites!





Here are some important vocabulary words we will be using throughout this unit. I will be adding to the list in about a week. This week in class, we will be taking notes on them so everyone will have a study guide to take home.There will be a quiz over these terms later on, but start studying now!!!!   

metamorphic rocks-rocks formed when heat and pressure change one kind of rock into another.

sedimentary rocks- rocks formed over time by the hardening of layers of sediment like mud, shell particles, pieces of bone, and rock fragments.

igneous rocks- rocks that are formed when melted rock cools and hardens, either under or above the surface.

lava- molten rock found on top of Earth's crust

magma- molten rock underground

minerals- solid, pure substances found in the Earth that combine to form rocks. Minerals are made by a process deep within the Earth.

fossils-prints of plants and animals that lived long ago

gemstones- valuable minerals like diamonds, rubies and opals

rock cycle- the natural process by which rocks are created and changed to form new rocks


Want some help remembering the Rock Cycle????

Try using this song! Sing it to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"


Has been formed in layers

Often found near water sources

With fossils from decayers


Then there's IGNEOUS rock

Here since Earth was born

Molten Lava, cooled and hardened

That's how it is formed


These two types of rocks

Can also be transformed

With pressure, heat and chemicals

METAMORPHIC they'll become




Vocabulary coming soon!!!!!!!!



Vocabulary Coming Soon!!!!!!!!