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Social Studies


Our main focus in social studies is all about Nebraska! We learn about Nebrask's history, people, economics and of course it's unique style of government!!! We also learn about United States Geography (see below).


 Our Unicameral

      To help us prepare for one of our Social Studies CRT's and because this can be such a hard concept for a fourth grader we will be focusing on this extensively. We will be setting up our own Fourth Grade Unicameral, with our own community government in our classroom. Your child will be living the goverment! They will writing bills, amend a class constitution and learn about the veto in order to help make the entire fourth garde run smoothly and fairly!


     Please help us by discussing any governemnt issues with your child that you see or hear on the news. Even discussing the upcoming primaries and presidential elections will help us understand how Nebraska's government is so unique!


We will also be working on U.S. geography. We quiz by regions starting with the Northeast, followed by the Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West.  After each region is tested we will learn another one. Each region quiz will be two to three weeks apart.  On our final test we will combine the 5 regions so that all 50 states and capitals are on it. We will be working on them in class, however extra study time at home will be needed in order to pass. Make sure your child is learning them by location and not by the numbers on the study guides that were sent home at Open House. I will not take off for incorrect spelling as long as the spelling is close. If they spell everything correctly they can earn up to 100 extra bonus points per quiz.

Northeast Test September 15!!!!!




     This is an AWESOME site!!!!!! Click on the state you want to learn and it gives you a mnemonic device and picture to help remember the state and it's capital!!!

 Example for Augusta, Maine

A Gust Of wind blew through the horse's Mane


This is definitely worth checking out!!!! A great big thanks goes out to the Bartzatt family for finding this site!!!!!!!