Upcoming Chapters for Remainder of the Year: 

Chapter 14~Collect and Record Data

Chapter 15~Analyza and Graph Data

Chapter 5~Use Money

Chapter 6~Telling Time


April 23rd-April 27th

Monday: NeSA Test (Session 1)

Tuesday:  NeSA Test (Session 2)

Wednesday:  Practice WS 5.2

Thursday:  Practice WS 5.3

Friday: No School


April 30th-May 4th

Monday:  No School

Tuesday: Practice WS 5.5

Wednesday:  MC Test 5 (Use as a study guide, do not return)

Thursday:  TEST 5 "Use Money"

Friday: Practice WS 6.1/6.2


May 7th-May 11th

Monday:  Pg 99 #1-12

Tuesday:  Practice WS 6.4

Wednesday:  No Assignment

Thursday:  MC Test 6 (Use as study guide, do not return)

Friday:  TEST 6 on "Telling Time"


May 14th-May 18th

Monday:  Practice WS 16.1

Tuesday:  Practice WS 16.3

Wednesday:  Practice WS 16.4

Thursday:  No Assignment

Friday:  Last Day of School~Remember to use IXL this summer!!!!