Welcome Parents,                                                                                                       

The Resource program is a program that works with students with a verified educational disability.  Some of those disabilities can include but are not limited to: learning disabled, autistic, behavior disorder and other health impaired.  Students have gone through the Student Assistance Team and have been tested to determine if they have qualified for services.  If you feel your child needs extra assistance or may have a disability please contact your teacher and start the SAT process.

My name is Mrs. O'Connor and I service kindergarten through fourth grade Resource students with the assistance of Mrs. Beekley our resource paraprofessional.  Students are assisted through two delivery models.  The first is pull-out to the Resource room for small group assistance and the second is co-teaching, where they receive services within their regular education classroom.  Co-teaching is used when schedules permit it.  Students may qualify for Reading, Math, or Written Language.


Thank you for allowing me to work with your wonderful children and all of your support in ensuring their continued growth and success.


Mrs. O'Connor