Welcome to Kindergarten!  My name is Mrs. Kristy Nixon and I’m looking

forward to being your child’s teacher!  This will be my 20th year of teaching, all 20 in kindergarten.  I have a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  My husband, Curt, and I have 2 boys - Cameron is 9 (headed to 4th grade) and Collin is 7 (1st grade).   I spent my summer chasing my 2 boys and doing something different every day.  We spent our days at parks, pools, the zoo, bike rides, going on walks, and trips to see our family.  The boys have a lot of energy and keep us very busy.  Whew!

     My primary goal is to instill the thrill of learning in your child.  I will do my best to ensure that your child’s first school experience is positive and FUN!  If we work together as a team, your child will have a very successful year.  I trust that you will come to me first with any questions or concerns you may have.  Also, please keep me informed of anything that is happening in your child’s life that may impact him/her at school.  Feel free to call me at school, or email me at kristy.nixon@ops.org. 
Thank you!

Other information:
School Hours:  Students are allowed in the building at 8:35.  The kids will come into the school through the cafeteria.  They can grab free breakfast and come straight to our classroom.  The kids eat breakfast in our classroom.  The tardy bell rings at 8:50.  School is dismissed at 4:05.  We will be waiting outside for parents to pick-up.
Volunteers-I will be needing parent volunteers to help with various activities throughout the year.  Sign up if you are interested. 
Friday Folders-A folder will be sent home every Friday with various papers inside.  Please take time to look through these papers then place the folder back in your child’s backpack so they can return it to me.  We will use this folder all year so please don’t throw it away!  Feel free to place any notes or papers that need to come back to me in the folder.
Book Orders-Forms will be sent home throughout the year.  This is an inexpensive way to build up your child’s library.  It is also an easy way to get your child excited about reading.  All of the book orders will be from Scholastic.  SO-If you’d like to order, you can make ONE check out to Scholastic.  You may also order online.   Our online class code is GNKBM

Student of the Week-Each student will get their turn to be the student of the week.  This will take all year to complete so be patient!  Your child will receive a letter 2 weeks before telling them which week is theirs.  They can make a poster to put up on the All About Me board and bring one item for show–and-tell sometime that week.
Birthdays-You may bring treats, but they cannot be homemade (district rules).  Please do not bring cakes!  They are too difficult to cut and serve in a timely manner.  We do not have time to have parties.  We spend time making cards, handing out treats, and singing to your child.  Summer birthdays will be taken care of in May!
Please do not send invitations for private parties to school to pass out.  Feelings get hurt if all are not invited.  If the entire class is being invited, you may send invitations to school.
Snacks-We will have snacks every day, juice, cookies or crackers (things easy to serve to a whole class).  I will be asking for more snack donations throughout the year!
Field Trips-We will go on 2 field trips this year.  We will go to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in October, and to the zoo in April.  We will also go on walking field trips to the fire station, and Picotte Park.
Letter People Day-This will be in January after we finish the entire alphabet.  Your child will have the opportunity to dress up as their favorite Letter Person.
Dismissal- Trying to remember how 25 students are getting home each day can be very trying.  Please attach a card of some sort to the outside of your child’s backpack the first 2 weeks of school saying how your child is getting home.  If this changes throughout the year, please email me or write me a note.  Please do not tell your child to tell me.  This can become confusing!

I know we are going to have a great year!!!

Mrs. Kristy Nixon